Wing Structural Analysis Automation

Client: Airbus

Project Brief

  • KDC Projects was contracted to perform and report the static, fatigue and damage tolerance justification analysis of the A350-900 Front and Rear Spar composite and metallic structure in support of certification of the latest optimisation modification standard.

Project Approach

  • Thorough discussion to understand the customer’s requirements,
  • KDC set up a highly experienced and capable team to perform the analysis, thus ensuring consideration of all failure modes and loading conditions to satisfy compliance with the certification requirements.

Project Solution

  • Automation was also used including the development of a software tool to process and generate the extremely high volume of load case combinations and generate the analysis inputs for the assessment of the key composite spar failure modes.

Project Outcome

  • Delivery of a validated software tool and the required structural justification dossiers compiled using the required Airbus templates, on time to the Airbus Approval and Authorisation team in support of the A350XWB certification process